Monday, January 17, 2011

Shivangaon villagers happy to see Sinha go-TIMES OF INDIA

Shivangaon villagers happy to see Sinha go-TIMES OF INDIA
Shishir Arya, TNN, Jan 18, 2011, 01.26am IST
NAGPUR: RC Sinha's sudden exit from the Maharashtra Airport Development Company (MADC) has left the project affected persons (PAPs) jubilant. Those in Shivangaon village, which has been at the forefront of protests against the project, are now in a festive mood. However, the residents of this village want that Sinha should not be allowed to leave just like that, and must be subjected to an inquiry for the alleged irregularities during his tenure.

"Sinha remained a villain for the villagers here. Now, as he leaves all of a sudden, he should also be made answerable for his decisions, especially for allotting land to Satyam Computers. He gave away over 130 acres to this scam-tainted company at a very low rate. Not only this, the land encircles a lake spread across 100 acres, which led to the water body being given away free to the company," said Ramesh Surankar, a local resident. There are apprehensions that the company may have eventually let the lake dry up to use the land.

Most villagers are hoping that Sinha is replaced by a more considerate person. "Sinha had a dictatorial attitude and was bent upon taking over Shivangaon village for building the proposed second runway for the Mihan project. The villagers had been insisting that the runway should be built at a different site, but to no avail. It is expected that the new officer will have a different view," said Sheshrao Dhoke, a village council member.

Dhoke said even as their fields have been formally acquired, the villagers have not given up possession as they want a higher compensation. Even as they may settle for a higher compensation for their fields, the villagers are adamant on not vacating their village, which has been earmarked under the second runway. "In a recent meeting between the village council members and officials of the Indian Air Force's (IAF), Il-76 base, the former have stressed that the village will not be vacated under any circumstances," he added.

The IAF too is an interested party as it will be moving its base to a new site, with the present location being taken over by MADC. However, it would only move if it is ensured a second runway, which depends on the Shivangaon villagers moving out.

Baba Dawre, leader of PAPs from this village, said Sinha should not be replaced by another retired bureaucrat. A serving officer cannot be as autocratic as Sinha was, he said since he has to be answerable to the government and any taint would spoil his career.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

'मिहान'मधील वीज रिलायन्सला पुरविण्याच्या कराराची चौकशी-सकाळ वृत्तसेवा

 'मिहान'मधील वीज रिलायन्सला पुरविण्याच्या कराराची चौकशी

सकाळ वृत्तसेवा
Monday, January 17, 2011 AT 12:00 AM (IST)
नागपूर - मिहान प्रकल्पाच्या विशेष आर्थिक क्षेत्रातील कॅप्टिव्ह वीजकेंद्रातून रिलायन्स पावर ट्रेडिंग कंपनीला वीजपुरवठा करण्याच्या वाद्‌ग्रस्त कराराची चौकशी करण्याचे आदेश मुख्यमंत्री पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण यांनी दिले आहेत.

उद्योग विभागाचे प्रधान सचिव ए. एम. खान यांना याबाबत आदेश देण्यात आले असून, विभागाने त्यासाठी संबंधित अधिकाऱ्यांना सूचनाही दिल्या असल्याची माहिती विदर्भ जनआंदोलन समितीने दिली. समितीने याबाबत मुख्यमंत्र्यांकडे तक्रार केली होती. अभिजित एमएडीसी नागपूर एनर्जी प्रायव्हेट लिमिटेड (एएमएनईपीएल) कंपनीने मुंबईच्या रिलायन्स पावर कंपनीशी वीजपुरवठ्याचा करार केला आहे. हा करार बेकायदेशीर असल्याचा दावा समितीने केला आहे. समितीच्या दाव्यानुसार, "एएमएनईपीएल'ने विशेष आर्थिक क्षेत्रातील उद्योगांना वीजपुरवठा करण्यासाठीच करसवलत तसेच पतपुरवठ्याचा लाभ मिळविला आहे. त्यामुळे कंपनीला बाहेर वीज विकता येणार नाही. असाच प्रकार विशेष आर्थिक क्षेत्रातील गृहनिर्माण प्रकल्पाबाबत घडला होता. गृहनिर्माण प्रकल्पातील सदनिका विशेष आर्थिक क्षेत्रातील कर्मचाऱ्यांसाठी राखीव असताना ते मुक्तपणे खासगी व्यक्तींना विकण्यात आले, याकडे समितीने मुख्यमंत्र्यांचे लक्ष वेधले होते. महाराष्ट्र विमानतळ विकास कंपनीत नागपूर महानगरपालिका आणि नागपूर सुधार प्रन्यासचीही भागीदारी आहे, याकडे लक्ष वेधून समितीने कॅप्टिव्ह वीजकेंद्रातून तयार होणाऱ्या विजेचा लाभ नागपूर व आसपासच्या परिसराला व्हावा, अशीही मागणी केली होती.

Maharashtra Chief Minister put power-sale deal between Reliance Power and Abhijeet Group under scanner.

Maharashtra Chief Minister put power-sale deal between Reliance Power and Abhijeet Group under scanner.

Nagpur -16th January 2011
Maharshtra chief minister Prithiraj Chavan  has asked concerned authorities regarding serious complaint of  Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) urging him Maharashtra government to look into the issue of a power plant in Mihan-Sez in Nagpur" illegally" selling energy to Mumbai-based Reliance Power Trading Company.
Chief Minister has  sent Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS)  for appropriate action to . A.M. KhanPrincipal secretary (Industries) who has asked concerned official to conduct detail inquiry in allged power selling agreement.

Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) in complaint added that the Abhijeet MADC Nagpur Energy Private Limited has floated the basic condition of environmental clearance has operating the unit number one without installing air pollution control devices  and added to that Abhijeet MADC Nagpur Energy Private Limited is using water  reserved for drinking and irrigation purpose of Hingana taluka villagers.

Referring to the Abhijeet MADC Nagpur Energy Private Limited's (AMNEPL) power sale agreement to sell its it's power to Reliance Power, VJA president Kishore Tiwari said the deal was illegal as AMNEPL has been financed and allowed to enjoy all tax benefits to supply power to SEZ industries. The same method was adopted earlier in the housing project of MIHAN-SEZ as flats reserved for SEZ employees were recklessly sold to private persons, he said in a release issued here. The decision of Nagpur Municipal Corporation(NMC) and Nagpur Improvement Trust(NIT) owned flagship company MADC Nagpur Energy Private Limited (AMNEPL), with private participation of Abhijeet Group of Nagpur, to enter in to a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Reliance Power Trading Company to sell electricity generated from the first unit of its plant was ridiculous, the release said." Though power is generated in and around Nagpur, very heavy charges for transmission losses are being taxed on Nagpur and Vidarbha consumers. Maharashtra Government should provide the power generated in the captive power plant of MIHAN-SEZ on subsidised rate to Nagpur based SEZ units," it said.