Friday, November 5, 2010

BJP involvement in 'ADARSH LAND SCAM' creates problem for Nitin Gadkari

BJP involvement in 'ADARSH LAND SCAM' creates problem for Nitin Gadkari

BJP leaders’ relative owns flat in Adarsh

After the Congress, the NCP and the Shiv Sena, now Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders are getting linked to the controversial Adarsh housing society in Colaba.
Paramveer Abhay Sancheti, who is related to some senior BJP leaders, has been allotted a flat in the 31-storey tower, which has been built flouting environmental norms.
Paramveer is related to the BJP’s Malakapur legislator, Chainsukh Sancheti, as well as the party’s Mission Jharkhand in-charge, Ajay Sancheti.
When contacted, Chainsukh denied that he had any links with the society, but he did not deny his relationship with Paramveer.  He ended the phone conversation abruptly and he did not answer calls later.
State BJP spokesperson Madhav Bhandari said Paramveer was a distant relative of the MLA. “I don’t deny that Paramveer and his father are BJP sympathisers,” he said.
Ajay, who is member of the BJP’s national executive and a close confidant of party president Nitin Gadkari, said Paramveer is the son of his distant uncle. “Paramveer’s father Abhay is my father’s cousin and I in no way influenced the society to give him membership,” said the businessman from Nagpur. “Abhay is also Chainsukh’s father’s cousin.”
Ajay said Paramveer’s family also lives in Nagpur. Paramveer and his father Abhay could not be contacted.
Krishnarao Bhegade, who was with the BJP a few years ago, also has a flat in the society, but it could not be confirmed whether his membership was approved while he was with the BJP.

Earns Rs 8,600 per month, owns Rs 5-cr flat

Shalini Nair Posted: Nov 05, 2010 at 0213 hrs
Mumbai Defence officials, bureaucrats, politicians and their relatives, it seems, are not the only ones to have secured apartments in the controversial Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society in Mumbai’s Cuffe Parade, one of Asia’s most expensive patches of real estate.
Investigations by The Indian Express have found that the 103 members in the 31-storey building include a driver employed in a Nagpur-based infrastructure company, whose Managing Director is a Special Invitee to the BJP’s National Executive Committee.
The name of the driver, Sudhakar Laxman Madke, 50, appears in the 2003 membership list of Adarsh alongside that of his employers: Abhay H Sancheti, Chairman of SMS Infrastructure Ltd; Vice-Chairman and Managing Director Ajay Sancheti; and Joint Managing Director Anand S Sancheti. The 43-year-old firm is one of the largest infrastructure firms in central India and is involved in the construction of highways, railways, dams and in coal mining.
But the names of the three Sanchetis were not approved for membership by City Collector I A Kundan — who herself has an apartment in Adarsh — on the grounds that their monthly salaries were between Rs 1 lakh and 4.5 lakh, which is well above the income limit of Rs 12,500 specified under rules.
State government rules stipulate that civilians seeking membership of a housing society coming up on government-allotted land should not have a monthly salary of more than Rs 12,500. This aims to ensure that preferential allotment of flats should benefit people who cannot afford expensive houses in the financial capital.
Documents with The Indian Express show that Madke remained on the list for the sea-facing apartments costing upwards of Rs 60 lakh as his monthly salary was Rs 8,600, including a basic salary of Rs 2,550. The market value of his 650 sq ft apartment today is around Rs 5 crore.
Four years later, in 2007, Paramveer Sancheti, the then 19-year-old son of Abhay Sancheti, tried to get on the Adarsh membership list. However, even his application was rejected in July 2008 by Kundan.
This time, she cited rules that mandate that an applicant’s income eligibility should be decided based on the entire family’s income over a 36-month period and Paramveer’s family income over this duration exceeded the prescribed limit.
But exactly a year later, in July 2009, another letter signed by Kundan says that Paramveer’s name had been approved for inclusion as a member of Adarsh. Kundan refused to respond to any questions related to Adarsh when contacted today by The Indian Express.
While Madke could not be reached for his comments, Abhay Sancheti denied his company’s driver was being used as a proxy owner for an apartment in Adarsh. “We decided to loan money to Madke. Since property values in Mumbai are very high, he can rent the house and easily repay his loan. As for my son, I can shell out the cost of his flat,” Sancheti told The Indian Express
sources close to sancheti brothers reveled that Madake's flats has been gifted to BJP National president by AJAY SANCHETI and this is reason whole BJP will be on back foot in coming days and cover up operation  has already started at all party level.

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